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The target of the conference is to stay in your mind, not only for business reasons but also for the people you met as well as Braunschweig and the region around it.

Therefore we would like to invite you to make business connections during the different dinners and trips within the conference and to find out more about the hometown of Henry the Lion who also founded Munich.
Included in the Symposium Fee is Tuesday's trip to Braunschweig where you gain insight into its history, presence and future as well as its beautiful architecture. This city-trip will be completed by a diner inside the historical building of "Große Dornse" which is the old City Hall of Braunschweig, build in 1253.
On Wednesday evening we will go back to the Middle Ages and sup like a knight at  Castle "Warburg".

Starting and concluding the Symposium programme we offer you two dinnersat the Symposium Hotel, a buffet  on Monday and and a barbecue evening on Thursday.

Moreover the Institute for Particle Technology gives you the chance to visit the annual short course on "Grinding and Dispersing with Stirred Media Mills" which will take place on Monday in the Symposium Hotel.

If you decide to stay in Braunschweig till the weekend, a trip to Wolfsburg is organized on Friday. At the city, which is mainly known as home town of VW (Volkswagen) you may choose to visit the "Autostadt"  which has been built by VW to make the day of picking up your new car an unforgettable event. Nowadays it is an interesting and entertaining day trip around the history of cars and the company VW, not just for "car-freaks".
For those who prefer shopping, the designer outlets in Wolfsburg will offer a great alternative or you may visit the Phaeno-Museum which gives the possibility physically experience the laws of physics.

The International Comminution Research Association hold its 16th ICRA Workshop during September 6-9. A transfer shuttle to Braunschweig for attendants of both, ESCC and ICRA Workshop will be provided.

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